About Us



Founded in 2014, BPSP is a premier risk management and logistics support services company based in Islamabad, Pakistan, formed with the mission of building client resilience and optimization of operations through effective management of safety and security risks.

Our core professional values reflect in all our work through an open partnership approach with our clientele and ensure quality and value. We have worked hard to establish our reputation as an honest, professional, effective and focused organization with the quality of the end results we produce bearing witness. As a result, we have seen significant growth and success, highlighted by our substantial track record of working with several well-known organisations on some of the most high-profile projects.

BPSP utilizes it think-tank comprised of a combination of experienced and young professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, blending the best of commercial, educational, military, law enforcement and a raft of other skill sets for complete and rounded solutions. We pride ourselves in providing world class expertise to ensure that our services reflect the depth of experience, qualifications.